What is cottage school?

Maybe you’re new to the idea of “cottage school.” Learn more about what it means, and how you can start your own!

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Who we are

Let’s get to know each other! Annie, Jenny, Amelia, and Christie are four moms who love learning and want to share that with you! 

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Wondering what curriculum we use? What other tools and products we recommend? We’re sharing them all just for you!

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What are we about?

Welcome to Cottage School Life! We are Amelia, Annie, Christie, and Jenny, and we are excited to be here and share with you about home education and a cottage school format. Our cottage school is made up of four families with 16 kids between us all! We meet once a week for about 24 weeks of the school year to learn together.

One aspect that makes a cottage school different from other homeschool co-ops is its size. It’s purposefully small–cottage-like! It allows us to have encouragement and support from each other as we teach our kids, but we don’t spend too much of our energy on administrative details–we have to administer, but it’s just way less than what you might think!

We’d love to share our thoughts and ideas with you about what we’ve learned over the past couple of years of cottage school and help you see if something similar would be an option for your family.

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Home education can feel overwhelming at times; but it doesn’t have to be–you can join together with friends to educate your children. Do you know people who home educate or will be this fall? Check out this brand new e-handbook on how to put together a cottage school and build your community as you educate your kids!

Check it out! sellfy.com/cottage-school-life
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If you are thinking about schooling options for your kids this fall this handbook on how to start a cottage school may be just what you are looking for!

We have gotten several questions over the past few years about how to start a cottage school and even though it would be fun to have a conversation with every single person interested in exploring this option, well, we just can’t! So we created this e-handbook based off of many questions we have gotten about how to go about starting this in your home!

In the handbook we walk you through the basics:

1. What is a cottage school?
2. Some reasons why cottage school might be a great option for you?
3. Practical Steps…this part is where we ask YOU lots of questions to consider and give you space to jot down notes and ideas! We get into more of the details in this part, it’s kind of the "Who, What, When Where" of your cottage school plan.
4. We give lots of practical tips on how we make our cottage school run well.
5. We include several printables you can use in your cottage school, such as several planning calendars, pages for writing down your cottage school schedule and rules, a responsibility list so you make sure you leave your cottage school tidy and so much more!!

Check it out!!

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Today is the day! Our cottage school e-handbook is available for purchase! Click the link to access the instant download. We’d love your feedback once you have had a chance to use it!

We’ve created this handbook to share with you just what a cottage school is, how we started our cottage school, why you should start one, and loads of pages with sections for notes so you can think through starting your own!

Are you curious about how to select families to join your cottage school?

Wondering how to organize your cottage school classes and day?

Struggling to figure out how you should choose curriculum?

Questioning how much it will cost for supplies?

All of your questions can be answered in our super simple and easy to download PDF "How to Start a Cottage School". Just remember, we are here to help! Once you’ve downloaded the PDF, you can reach out to us with any additional questions you may have on Facebook or Instagram!

Our goal is to help you start your own cottage school, so that your family can experience the excitement and joy that comes from seeing your kids grow and learn in a beautiful and fun educational environment.

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