Cottage School

A Typical Cottage School Day

One of the reasons we love cottage school is that we make it fit our needs on a weekly basis. Last week, Annie wrote about how our morning opening time has changed over the year as we evaluated what we really needed; then we were able to make those changes easily. We encourage you to think about what your educational needs may be and see how the flexibility provided by a cottage school can meet them. Our version of cottage school is just one way of doing it. For example, we meet once a week on Mondays, but it might work better for your group to meet a few times a week or you may prefer to meet on a different day of the week. Here is our typical cottage school schedule for this past school year:

9 a.m.–We all arrive at Jenny’s house and unload kids and supplies. The children settle down in the living room to look at books on what we are currently studying while the moms set up for classes. 

9:15-9:40–Annie leads our opening time. 

9:45-10:30–Christie teaches the older children IEW while Annie teaches the younger kids geography.

10:45-11:30–Amelia teaches the older kids science; Annie teaches the younger kids art.

11:45-12:30–Amelia teaches the younger kids science while Annie teaches the older kids art.

12:30-1:15– Lunch and play time for the kids. Lunch and chatting for the moms!

We all help clean Jenny’s backyard and house; then we load up our vans and head home. 

We hope by sharing our schedule, it will help you to think about your options when you start planning your school schedule in the fall after you have a much needed summer break!!

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