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English Tea With Kids

Several years ago, I saw a friend post about how she tried to tea weekly with her three boys, and I thought the idea was a sweet and special way to slow down and spend time with her kids. About five years ago, I started intermittently doing the same thing with my three boys, and we have since added two more girls to our family who both LOVE tea parties. We had the chance to do an English tea (or what we understood to be an English tea) for one of our Cottage School lunches, and the kids thoroughly enjoyed it! Here is what we did:

  1. Used a nice tablecloth to help the event feel more formal/special.
  2. Used real tea cups/china. I have two sets that I love, but I am comfortable with them being broken for the sake of memories made!
  3. Encouraged patience and a “quiet” attitude for lunch that day. We helped them learn to focus, rest, and enjoy the courses!
  4. Encouraged them to wait between servings. For example we served three rounds:
    1. Mini cucumber and mini PB&J sandwiches
    2. Vanilla Scones with butter and jelly
    3. Fruit and a dessert cookie
  5. Provided one main tea selection, and the kids could add cream and sugar. They could politely ask for refills as well.

We allowed the four oldest children (all around ages 10-11) to sit outside, away from the younger kids. It was a nice way for them to enjoy the fact that they are older, and they enjoyed spending time in uninterrupted conversation that they normally do not get because of all the younger elementary kids, preschool, and toddlers around. 

It truly was a special event that all of our children still mention from time to time. 

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