Cottage School

How do you “do” Cottage School?

We have gotten several questions over the past year about how to start and run a cottage school. We hope to expand more in the coming days on these thoughts, but here are some quick ideas: 

  1. Assess what areas of your child’s education you need help teaching, whether it’s a difficult subject for you or one that you can’t find the time to consistently teach your kids. 
  2. Discover if you know people who know more than you about the subject you are struggling to teach or simply find friends who are willing to share the load of teaching these subjects with you.   
  3. Find out if there are any other parents wanting the support and community of a co-op but not wanting the large size of many co-ops.
  4. Explore the idea of a cottage school with a handful of friends. You don’t have to all have the same philosophies of education or styles of homeschooling. You can agree to disagree on certain aspects of home education! We have classical, literature-based, Charlotte Mason, and eclectic models represented by our four families. Cottage school is about seeing how you can agree on a few subjects and resources to create a rich learning space for you and your students.
  5. Make a plan and do it! It’s sometimes easy to talk and dream of fun ideas but not so easy to actually do them.  Try it out, and remember one of the beauties of the small setting of cottage school is you can make adjustments pretty easily. Sometimes, we try things that just don’t work as well as we thought, but we are able to adapt our plans quickly because cottage school flexes to fit our needs–not the other way around. 

Let us know what questions you have about how to do a cottage school! You can always reach us on our Contact Us tab!

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