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Science At Home

Science at home can seem intimidating, especially if you don’t have a background in science.  But with so many resources available, homeschool and #suddenlyhomeschooling parents have a wealth of information and activities a few clicks away.  We have gathered several links of favorite resources we have used at cottage school and in our individual homes.  

  1. Home Science Tools If your kids want hands on experiments, this company has tons of great options and their kits include virtually everything you need–including detailed instructions.  Our cottage school has done several of their dissection kits.  They have a new kit that has 6 hands on activities having to do with understanding virus transmission and response!
  2. Apologia Science Activities for Kids– This link has over 20 science e-books and activities for kids ranging from K-12 and they are free.  Many of the projects are meant to be done using materials you can easily find around your house.
  3. Exploring Nature with Children -If you want to explore nature with your children but need some guidance, resource lists, and activity ideas this is a great PDF for purchase.  You can pick and choose what topics to study with your kids depending on what your season looks like currently.  
  4. National Geographic Kids Science Experiments– Here are some simple experiments using many things you can find around the house.  It includes informative explanations, pictures and videos explaining the how and why behind the experiment.  
  5. 63 Experiments Using Common Household Items -Still more fun and easy experiments to do at home!
  6. Chloe and Nerb Cartoon on “How the Body Works”– In this series of cartoons follow the characters, Chole and Nerb, as they travel to different systems in the body and learn about how each one works.

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