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What Do Homeschool Dads do?

The dads of Cottage School Life play a significant part in homeschooling. A lot of attention is put on what we–the homeschooling spouses–do, but we cannot forget the role of the spouses who spend most of their time working hard in their careers. In our four families, the dads do most of the work outside our homes. We recognize not every homeschool family looks the same (some dads do most of the homeschooling), so this post is to highlight some differences since all of the dads play roles in our homeschools in various ways. We want to share those with you: 

Annie’s husband John tutors their children in Latin and serves as a helpful advisor and ally on classical philosophy and teaching in general.

Amelia’s husband Joshua teaches Latin and piano lessons to their children. He helps drive the big picture direction of their homeschool.

Jenny’s husband Michael teaches Barton (reading and spelling), math, and Bible with their children. 

My husband Justin teaches our children Bible, theology, and guitar lessons. 

All of our husbands work hard at their full-time jobs to provide for our families, use areas where they have strengths to teach in their homeschools, lead their families spiritually, read aloud to their children, discipline their children, and teach them life skills. They also support us as we homeschool by listening to us discuss schedules, disciplinary issues, curriculum choices, etc. We depend on their counsel and encouragement daily. It really takes both parents’ being on board to homeschool!

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