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Why We Use IEW

Encouraging young writers to be creative all the while. This program takes a student from writing a paragraph at the beginning of the year all the way to a five-paragraph research paper by the end of the year. It’s simply amazing! As a homeschool mom by day and a college writing instructor by night, I appreciate this curriculum immensely because students can acquire the tools they need to be ready for college writing, yes, I said college writing. If you have zero experience with teaching kids how to write, you can learn yourself with the enormous amount of materials IEW provides for homeschool moms. There are weekly podcasts, teaching seminars (on video you can purchase), and a seminar workbook you can read as you go to say the least. You can teach writing, but first you must learn how to write yourself. I would recommend this material to any mom struggling to teach composition in her home. It won’t come easy, but your hard work and money will pay off by using this writing program.

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